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Eight years after water deregulation was introduced in Scotland, April 2017 will mark the opening of the English water market to competition. From next year businesses in England can choose their water supplier, opening up opportunities for price cuts and service improvements.

Experience from Scotland shows that savings of up to 25% may be possible, while competition should stimulate water companies to improve their service, billing systems and value added offers (eg around water efficiency). At a minimum, consolidating multiple supplies with a single provider should simplify things.

From October this year businesses will be able to give notice to their incumbent water company that they intend to switch supplier (or at least look at alternatives).

In advance of that it’s worth auditing your water supplies, consumption and cost data to firstly ensure you’re paying the correct rates and haven’t been overcharged, and secondly to ensure you’re best placed to switch supplier next April.

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The collapse in the price of oil attracted numerous headlines in the new year, falling to less than US$30 a barrel. Since then however, the market has pushed up by about 19% to nearly US$33, though from such a low base this only equates to a US$5 a barrel increase.

In comparison, oil was trading at around US$60 a barrel this time last year, and over US$100 a barrel 18 months ago.

The post-January oil increase is now being reflected in gas and electricity markets, though again they’re still trading below their recent longer-term trends.

It’s too early to tell whether the price bounce is the beginning of a period of upward price momentum, but it could signal the beginning of a period of relative volatility so needs to be monitored.

The good news is that it remains an excellent time to look at any renewals for 2016.