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With less than 8 months to go until the 5 December deadline for Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) submissions it appears that a large number of businesses have yet to start the audit process.

There’s an estimated ratio of 1:20 Lead Assessors to ESOS qualified organisations, so  leaving it too late could result in higher than necessary audit fees and/or large fines for non-compliance.

Depending on your organisation an audit is likely to take at least 2-3 months but quite possibly considerably longer so it’s important to select a Lead Assessor and start the data collection and verification process as soon as possible. With ESOS covering transport as well as building and process energy use it’s also quite likely that data collection could take longer than anticipated.

In addition to the compliance imperatives, other reasons to start ESOS now include:

  • the sooner energy saving opportunities are identified the sooner savings can be made, potentially covering the cost of the audit within the current financial year
  • Lead Assessor resources will likely become increasingly scare towards the end of the year, pushing costs up

To discuss how best you can meet ESOS requirements do get in touch.


Under current planning regulations businesses must obtain planning permission for photo-voltaic arrays of over 50kW (around 200 panels), but from 15 April this is due to change.

According to Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary, the threshold for commercial installations requiring planning permission will increase to 1MW, or around 4,000 panels (although safeguards to protect local amenity will still apply).

The change in regulation should make it easier to install PV on factories, warehouses, office and other commercial buildings, in turn helping to generate clean electricity and saving money, particularly as the cost of PV continues to fall.